• Full One Door Concealment Cabinet

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    *Please read entire description before ordering.*

    As of 1/11 our current estimated production time is about 2-4 weeks. This may change between a week or two at anytime. 

    This version of our American Flag Concealment Case measures 

    40"x21"x4". The concealment opening is 37"x19.5"x3"

    The hidden compartment is secured with Safety 1st magnetic locks. The compartment comes with 2.25" thick customizable layered foam that you will cut to personalize your case. Mounting hardware, magnetic key, foam customizing tool and instructions are included. Other items inside display shown not included.

    Unlike other companies all of our concealment flags give just that, hidden concealment with no visible hinges.

    Due to the hand painting each flag is unique and may vary slightly from the picture. 

    Please choose the color flag you would like from

    Color choices:


    Burnt American Red White and Blue

    Burnt, Red and Blue (no white stripes, only stars)

    Burnt Red and Blue (No White) 



    Thin Blue Line

    Thin Green Line

    Thin Red Line

    Burnt Thin Blue Line

    Burnt Thin Green Line

    Burnt Thin Red Line